Blissfully stupid and ignorant.

I’ve made a mistake. I’ve read too many books and heard too many podcasts. I am now enlightened to realise that none of this has any meaning. There is no God. There is no karma. There is no good or bad. Everything is just entropy. Heading to perpetual chaos. A slow death much like life itself. Everything will seize to exist at some point but we will all seize to exist a lot sooner than that. What’s the point?

It’s better to remain ignorant. Better to be a fool and believe in folklore and fairy tales. It’s better to dream without bounds and logic. It’s better to think in emotions and feel alive. It’s better to be stupidly in love than to analyse every step logically.

None of this matters. Not your work. Not your life. Not your good deeds and “good energies”. None of this matters. The universe carries on unperturbed by your actions and thoughts while we remain delusional beings thinking we make a difference and we are important. Fuck this and fuck everything. Remain blissfully stupid and ignorant.

What am I?

What am I?
But a collection of thoughts,
A cloud of emotions,
A mere bag of muscles and bones,
Open to interpretation,
Free to be judged,
Or hated or loved. 

What am I?
but an open book,
Unfinished and unsatisfied. 
Turning life’s wheels,
Slowly but surely. 
Filling up pages as I go. 
While ink still runs in my veins. 

What am I?
But a manifestation of my inner self,
Someone else’s creation
Powered by my own conscience. 
A physical representation,
Of multidimensional thoughts
In a three dimensional world. 

What am I?
But a response to the world,
An action to a reaction,
Exposed to stimulus
Some good and some bad,
Not allowed to choose. 
And can’t ask why. 

What am I?
But a product of the system,
A symbol of the civilised world,
A creature among the living,
Bound to live and serve my purpose
And eventually perish and be forgotten. 
Like many before, and many to follow. 

What am I?
But forced existence. 
Burdened with the curse of life,
Watching humanity disappear 
And tolerance dissolve slowly
Into oceans of selfishness,
Filled by the tears of suffering. 

What am I?
Why am I here?
What must I do?
Where must I go?
What am I?
But a man with many questions,
With no means to find the answers.

I’ll be back.

You always wish you had more time. More time with a loved one or more time at a certain place. You always want the good times to last forever. Maybe not even forever, just one more day. But by the end of that day, you’re still not satisfied. I mean how could you? The new place does not guarantee as much fun, love and affection as the current place. We think that it can’t possibly be as much fun as this place because everything you want is here.

We as humans resist change. We hate it. We are creatures of habit and while we accommodate change in small doses, such as a vacation, we loathe long term changes. We just aren’t designed to like it. Some people deal with it better than others of course and obviously if you’re in a bad place, change could be a great thing.

As always, all good times must come to an end. It’s time for me to return to the seas. The timing couldn’t be worse because I had just started to kick some ass at the tennis court and I had just met this amazing person (yes, the same girl mentioned in the previous post). Life tends to take with one hand while it gives with the other.

I’ve been home since August and dare I say, it’s been an incredible time. I did pretty much everything I wanted to and I am leaving with a sense of accomplishment. I mean barring my exams which aren’t humanly possible to crack. Everything in my control was dealt with. Took up cycling, created a podcast, took up tennis, managed my house by myself. Met some old friends, made some new friends. Went on dates, most didn’t work out but the one that did work out was the best one. I had a great time overall.

It would be inhuman to not want these times to last forever. Things were great. But reluctantly, I do admit that these great times were possible only because of my profession. It allows me to have so much free time to take up these pursuits. It allows me to be me.

And now it is time to go back and earn some more free time. A big change lies ahead, but I leave behind a world waiting for me. And I’ll be back.

A single guy in a big city…

A single guy out prowling the streets of Gurugram city. Things have been far from ideal but every now and then you meet someone who makes you stop and take notice. Most people pass by like a blur, barely leaving a mark or turning my head but some leave you up at night thinking about them while you’re lying in bed, sleepless, adrift in a sea of thoughts, barely moving, just existing.

The possibilities are endless and they can turn any which way. These uncharted waters can either lead you to riches or through treacherous storms that leave you battered, bruised and broken. And it is unknown where one might take you or where you might take them.

I’m writing this from a cab heading towards my next date with this cute girl I matched with a few months ago. Yeah, these are the times we live in. I know everything about her before I’ve even met her. I have to say that works in my favour. While I’m good on dates, I’m really shy when it comes to speaking to a stranger at a bar. I’ve honestly never done that.

A ton of thoughts flooding my mind at the moment. How will this one turn out? Will this translate into a second date? Maybe more? How will the night progress? Will there be a flowing conversation or dead air through the night?

Being a single guy in this city, the possibilities are endless. While it may not be easy, it sure is interesting. The next adventure is always right around the corner. How will tonight end up? Only time will tell…

#41. What else happened in week 1..

It’s finally here! 2021 is upon us and in this episode we look back on the last week of the dreadful 2020 and the first few days of the new year.

As always, some weird stories from around the world, stuff that probably didn’t make the headlines and might have missed the limelight.

We talk about illegal raves, new drone laws, boring cars, Elon Musk paying catch with his rockets and finally we dig deep into the world of robots, consciousness, space travel and life creating life creating an endless loop that we might be a part of.

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Episode 38 : What else happened in week 52…

It’s the final week of the year and it looks like we have made it unscathed…well at least some of us have.

We discuss all the news that happened this week but didn’t make it big. A ton of interesting stuff as always, everything from daring feats by humans to alternate sources of energy to millionaire toddlers. This episode has it all. Give it a listen and find out what else happened in the final week of this god awful year.

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It was the great Leonidas and his brave 300 that marched down the plains to take on the Persian empire. But this is different.

Thanks to all my followers. For those who have known me for a while, this isn’t my first blog but it’s one I’ve become quite fond of. Life has pretty much settled down into a comfortable reclining position and I end up talking less about my problems. Instead it has given me a platform to vocalise my thoughts about my understanding of the world and my way of life.

I started this blog in 2018 and it’s been quite a journey thus far. I look forward to take this blog to new heights.

I have a small request from my readers. We have all seemed to get into this pattern of liking posts without reading them hoping that this person would follow us back to our own blogs. I’ll admit I’ve done it a few times as well but this pattern needs to go away. It is disrespectful to a writer and might as well skip past if you don’t feel like reading what’s written. I don’t think this qualifies as encouragement either as it has utterly selfish motives behind. I should know, since I’ve done the same in the past. But not anymore. Join me in breaking this pattern.

Thanks for your follow. I hope to keep dazzling you with my words and stories. Stay tuned.

The Chain Reaction

I was watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother and in this episode a series of events triggered by one single innocuous event snowballed into an undesirable outcome for everyone involved. Ted found a nickel on the subway from 1939. He thought it was worth something so he went to a collector but got something like 20 bucks for it. He and Robin went for hotdogs with that money and walked past a wedding dress camp out. They told Lily about it and since she needed a wedding dress on a budget, they camped out. But some guy’s car alarm kept going off all night and they couldn’t sleep. So Robin went to crash at Ted’s place next morning where Marshall, who was training for the New York City Marathon, was in the bathroom applying lotion on his chaffed nipples. He slipped, broke his toe and couldn’t run the next day but bet Barney 50 bucks to run instead since he claimed you don’t need to train for a marathon, you just run it. Barney finished the race and was in the subway to head back but his legs stopped working because that’s what happens when you run without training. He ended up riding the subway end to end and called Ted to come and physically pick him up. But Ted reached a bit late and had to jump the turnstile to get to Barney. However he was tackled to the ground by a cop. He had a court date in the morning and hence he reached the airport late and missed his flight.

Is there a way to control this influence that pours into other people’s lives? it got me thinking if it can be done.

You can get influenced from anyone and anywhere but those who are around you probably influence you the most. If you e got roommates or flatmates or if you live with your parents, their actions, their words and their demands from you influence what you end up doing, saying and even thinking. And these days it has transcended over to social media as well. People you’ve never met in real life try to tell you how to live your life better. They influence your decisions and you end up doing things you wouldn’t normally do. It can be for the better or for worse but that’s not the point. We’re familiar with the butterfly effect and who knows which single event in life would trigger a chain reaction that will transform into a storm. For instance, I met a guy in late 2005 and he told me about merchant navy. I hadn’t even thought about this as a career but here were are 15 years later and I’m studying to become a Chief Engineer of cargo ships. I don’t even know where that guy is now.

So how do we control these influences and stop them from turning into chain reactions? I wouldn’t say they’re all bad. I mean I started running since my brother got me into it and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I guess we get influenced by people. Not just anyone, someone we look up to or envy or love. We wouldn’t normally get talked into doing something or being somewhere for someone if they didn’t mean something to us. So if you remove that attachment, that might be key. If you distance yourself from social interactions and keep people at a distance from where it’s fine to communicate but none of their words or actions end up influencing your life in any way. The chain reaction stands broken and you end up doing exactly what you want to do. Not what someone else expects you to do or wants you to do.

There’s this cute girl and I find ways to talk to her making up excuses. But if she wasn’t in my life, I would’ve been doing something else entirely rather than wasting my time going through her Instagram stories and coming up with lame excuses to talk to her. Clearly she’s not interested. And it’s my fault that I waste my time. I end up doing things I wouldn’t ordinarily do. And that’s on me. I’ve let this chain reaction go on. But if I distance myself from her and others who add nothing to my life, I take back control of my life.

Something to think about.