Romantic movies

I like watching romantic movies. I don’t know what kind of an impression it makes but it is what it is.

It’s only in a romantic movie that the guy and the girl overcome all odds and find a way to be with each other. Life has different rules there. Careers don’t come into play. They can just abandon everything and drive off into the sunset. The past doesn’t matter. Because by the end of the movie, the guy wins her over after making her realise its time to move on. life doesn’t get in the way. A road is carved out of nothing and all they have to do is walk that path.

People hate such movies. They say it doesn’t show the truth. Who would want the truth? Who wants to watch more lying, cheating, backstabbing and gut wrenching heartbreaks? I’d rather watch these two come together and find a way to be with each other. It’s the only place left where love has a chance to blossom, even if it is scripted. A place where things actually go according to plan and good things happen. A place where true happiness exists.

There’s none of that here in the real world. We won’t let it breathe.

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