Only questions.

What gives a person the right to act superior to another? What gives them the right to act so selfishly that they wouldn’t think twice before stepping on shoulders to get forward? What gives them the right to cause endless hurt just because they’re hurt themselves?

Why do we have laws that protect such people and such behaviour? Why do we allow this superficial behaviour to exist and there’s not one thing anyone can do about it? Why build structures and regimes that empower these people who don’t have the right to be in power? Why have no accountability for actions? Why have no remorse and penance after walking away from destruction? Why do we turn so dead inside, we might as well be plastic? Why is there no just punishment for actions that cause harm and hurt? Why is there no payback without consequences? Why not say something to my face rather than hide behind a cowardly keyboard? Why not face the music? Why hide behind your false illusions of power and security?

Why are there so many questions? Why aren’t there any answers?

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