A single guy in a big city…

A single guy out prowling the streets of Gurugram city. Things have been far from ideal but every now and then you meet someone who makes you stop and take notice. Most people pass by like a blur, barely leaving a mark or turning my head but some leave you up at night thinking about them while you’re lying in bed, sleepless, adrift in a sea of thoughts, barely moving, just existing.

The possibilities are endless and they can turn any which way. These uncharted waters can either lead you to riches or through treacherous storms that leave you battered, bruised and broken. And it is unknown where one might take you or where you might take them.

I’m writing this from a cab heading towards my next date with this cute girl I matched with a few months ago. Yeah, these are the times we live in. I know everything about her before I’ve even met her. I have to say that works in my favour. While I’m good on dates, I’m really shy when it comes to speaking to a stranger at a bar. I’ve honestly never done that.

A ton of thoughts flooding my mind at the moment. How will this one turn out? Will this translate into a second date? Maybe more? How will the night progress? Will there be a flowing conversation or dead air through the night?

Being a single guy in this city, the possibilities are endless. While it may not be easy, it sure is interesting. The next adventure is always right around the corner. How will tonight end up? Only time will tell…

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