I’m never drinking again

  • Woke up this morning
  • With an all-too-familiar feeling.
  • My head pounded by waves
  • And my will to live fleeting.
  • The bottle lay tapped out on the floor,

    Rolling now harmlessly.

    The vicious liquid that once was inside

    Now waged wars with me brutally.

    Didn’t know who to call,

    A doctor or an exorcist?

    I lost control of my own body

    Making sounds that shouldn’t exist.

    My eyes refused to open.

    My stomach continued to churn.

    My head refused to lift itself

    And my body continued to burn.

    Try this or try that.

    It’ll help you, they said.

    All well and good, I replied

    If I can only get out of bed!

    ”Twas in this moment,

    I knew my time had come,

    I realised I was old now,

    My binge drinking days were done.

    Yes, it’s done, it’s decided.

    Now if only I could do something about this pain,

    I know it’s something everyone says,

    But dammit, I’m never drinking again.

    Blissful ignorance.

    I pray that you not be intelligent. 
    Wouldn't wish that on my enemy.
    I pray that you not be awake
    May your slumber last all eternity.

    May you be unaware and uncaring
    and lead a blissful ignorant existence.
    For that is the only way
    Sorrow will keep its distance.

    May you have many lovers
    May you break their hearts too
    and walk away without a hint
    of guilt burdening you.

    May you be too stupid to care
    and too naive to understand
    too young to be too serious
    and too old to give a damn.

    You'll be a good son
    and you'll do as you're told.
    Get married to your parent's choice
    and have kids before your 30's unfold.

    You'll have the comforts of family.
    love pouring from all sides.
    you'll laugh and sing and be loud
    while your wife and children abide.

    you'll pray to every god.
    and keep fasts religiously too.
    even the gods will smile upon you
    and every day will have something new.

    I'll stand at the side
    and wonder what went wrong
    For all of this eluded me
    and i don't know where i belong.

    It never worked for some reason or other.
    I was too smart to find each flaw.
    It was always something with everyone
    and i cast them aside with my paw.

    Now i'm alone and i begin to wonder,
    who was the one who was really dumber?
    you, living in blissful ignorance?
    or me, finding flaws all summer?

    Ignorance breed happiness.
    I wish that for me and you.
    strip away my intelligence,
    for i want to be happy too.

    Magnetic fields 2018

    Magnetic fields is a music festival that takes place annually in Alsisar, Rajasthan, India. The festival has some of the best fresh talent showcased inside a 17th century palace. Three nights of live music, events and drinking. Lots of drinking. On one particular drunken evening, inspiration struck me and i penned down these words. 

    Midnight traffic
    On soulless streets. 
    Drunken haze
    Of kings and queens. 
    Setting sun
    On sand mounds
    Dusty clouds
    And smokey rain. 
    Strangers to silence,
    A nobody nowhere
    Bits and pieces 
    Blur into glitter. 
    Empty hands 
    No such thing. 
    Possessed with booze
    Or babes. 
    A common goal
    A destination unknown. 
    Tottering towards it
    Mighty fine
    Drunk on life 
    Drunk on love
    Drunk to forget
    Drunk to make it memorable
    Drunk to live some more 
    Drunk to survive
    We soldier on. 

    All alone.

    i was sitting in the sunshine, 
    when it suddenly came to me. 
    I wondered why now and not before, 
    When it was as clear as day can be. 

    My mind’s wheels started turning,
    And blew the rust away. 
    And in no time at all, 
    It was all work and no play. 

    I found a way to fix it,
    In a manner so simple and elegant. 
    I’d wished i’d thought of it sooner
    If only i had been more diligent. 

    I sat there in the sunshine, 
    And inspiration did strike. 
    I decided to be alone,
    No, not out of spite. 

    Yes, i would be alone and glorious, 
    Imagine how life would be. 
    No noise at night, no sound in the day, 
    No one in sight, not one or two or three. 

    I’d be surrounded by peace,
    And not worry about what people think or say. 
    I’ll work and then work some more, 
    Who cares about night and day? 

    I’ll drink when i want and I’ll smoke cigars, 
    Wake up when i damn well please.
    No nagging, no fighting,
    Nothing to do, and no one to goddamn appease. 

    Yes, i’ll be rich and not famous,
    And that’s the life i’ll live. 
    I’ll be happy and content,
    With zero damn’s to give. 

    And in many years, I’ll see you again
    I know, because life is built on misery.
    You’ll be walking with your three little kids,
    And would have forgotten our entire history. 

    You’ll walk right past me,
    And not blink an eye.
    For i would have lived,
    And you would’ve watched your life go by. 

    I’ll return to my mansion,
    And toast to my success in life,
    And rue the time I wasted, 
    trying to make you my wife. 

    It shall rain champagne, 
    and other delights sure will drip, 
    I will clink my glasses all by my lonesome, 
    And ignore my shoulder’s chip. 

    A new day and another and another shall come,
    But you will never hear me groan, 
    For i shall enjoy all these worldly delights, 
    Sitting in the sunshine, all alone. 

    Rap recap : 3rd January 2018

    This is your daily rap recap,

    where i unpack and unwrap

    Today, the day that’s been

    On the news, the web and on your screen.

    Donald Trump, yeah lets start with him,

    I’ll be honest, when i saw him my hopes were slim,

    Never thought he could put his money where his mouth is,

    Wouldn’t ever pick that option, in a pop quiz,

    But he dropped a bomb on Pakistan, didn’t see that coming,

    and finally shone a light on them becoming

    a terrorist state, enough of their convenient lies,

    it’s time someone woke up and heard the cries

    of the dead and buried, in India and abroad,

    Donald Trump, for that you deserve my applause.

    Dont get me wrong, you’re still as unpresidential as it gets,

    Im just glad you’re on that side of the world, being a threat.

    okay moving on, what else is new,

    Oh yeah, here’s something, something out of the blue,

    Protests in Pune, clashes of caste,

    Wait a second, i’m having flashes of the past,

    back of a time when caste was still relevant,

    But it’s 2018 now, and caste is still remnant,

    Schools, buses even dabbawalas shutdown,

    being a nuisance and behaving like clowns

    Over petty stuff that education ought to eradicate,

    but it’s not the easy to have a clean slate

    of a mind corrupted for generations,

    playing the victim, while you victimise the nation.

    And how about this, Rajnikant stepping into politics,

    If he can can do what he does in his action flicks,

    There may be hope after all for us all,

    Put the robot incharge, that should’ve been the plan all along.

    Manchester city racing away, can anyone stop em?

    Arsenal vs Chelsea today, victorious were Tottenham,

    last night against Swansea, West Ham won too,

    Andy Carrol scored twice, he still plays? I never knew…

    And that’s all i’ve got for you,

    but i’ll be back for more, stay tuned.


    Spend a day,
    Go out of your way.
    Put your phone away,
    and actually listen to what people say.
    Take no snap,
    and close that app,
    Don’t get trapped,
    because honestly, no one gives a crap.
    Take no pictures of your food,
    or of you sitting, while you brood.
    I’m not trying to be shrewd,
    But no one gives a fuck, dude.
    Hurray for your morning corn flakes,
    Hurray for those dinner steaks,
    And hurray for that delicious cheesecake,
    But thats the last thing i was to see when i wake.
    Picture after picture, one after the other,
    Your aunty, your uncle and your long lost brother,
    your dog, your plants, your friends, your lover,
    Don’t care, don’t want, couldn’t possibly bother.
    Step away and look outside,
    There’s an HD world, set your phone aside.
    Real life, real people, pictures animated and amplified,
    But you’d still look at your phone instead, I’m mystified.