Movie review : Yesterday (2019)

Without giving too much away, Yesterday is a romantic, musical comedy featuring struggling artist Jack Malik and his adorable friend/manager. Following a dismal crowd at his performance at the Latitude festival, Jack decides its time to give up his quest for musical stardom. Later that night, Jack has an accident due to a worldwide power outage. He wakes up in the hospital and finds that the world no longer had The Beatles in the past. He performs their songs as his own and gets the admiration of his friends, family and even Ed Sheeran. But all is not glitter and gold as he realises what he’s lost by pursuing this lie.

A must watch for all fans of the Beetles and those who like the romance genre.

Movie review : Kabir Singh (2019)

Amidst all the controversy, all the claims of being a return of male chauvinism in the ebb of the #MeToo campaign, Shahid Kapoor delivers the performance of his life. I read some of the comments online and how this movie balms the bruised male ego and flatters the entitled Indian male. Entitled? Bruised male ego? Believe it or not, men aren’t out to get you and display their dominance.

Kabir Singh is a hot headed young man and his story begins in his medical college in Delhi. What happens then is a story of love, long distance, incorrigible parents, poor patience, alcoholism, substance abuse and a plethora of bad dangerous decisions. Kabir struggles to hold onto the reality of life and nearly destroys himself in the process. But things turn around in the end when he cleans up his act and returns with a clear head.

A must watch only if you remember that it is a story and he’s playing a character. If you’re going to get offended and spew pointless rants about “entitled men” then I suggest you stay away and watch something else instead.

Movie review : Skyscraper (2018)


Cast : Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Neve Campbell.

Well, we’ve seen them before but here comes another one. Another movie involving a “One man army” fighting bad guys, dodging bullets, jumping off a crane towards a burning building and no one dies except the bad guys.

While Dwayne Johnson’s acting skills have improved a lot over the past few years, his roles have started to become a little predictable. And i suppose that the roles written for a man who is basically built like a mountain are limited. Now i am a huge fan of The Rock and he does his best to deliver a sincere performance, the plot lacks certain element to tie the whole thing together.

I don’t know why i suddenly see so many Chinese actors in Hollywood movies now. They aren’t quite there yet in terms of acting and are often lacking in screen presence. I think with the increasing number of Chinese investors in Hollywood movies, this is only going to increase and eventually we will all have to learn Mandarin.

The movie is mostly as expected. A few scenes give you edge of the seat entertainment but it is mostly predictable. Suitable only for Dwayne Johnson fans. Other’s can wait till it shows up on Netflix or Amazon Prime in a few months.

Rating : 5/10

Image credits : Google.

Apple Watch Series 3 Review

So i finally put my foot down and purchased the new Apple watch series 3. Now, one thing you should know right away if you’re in India is that you only get the GPS model. The LTE model will not come to india because none of the telecom companies have volunteered to provide a service for this. Which also means there won’t be any stainless steel or ceramic models and you’re stuck with the aluminium. Which isnt a deal breaker really.

Now, no doubt the apple watch had my attending right from the first series that was launched a few years ago but as is the case with every new technology, it takes a few years to work out the bugs, errors and functionality issues. Having previously owned a Garmin Fenix 3 HR and a few Fitbits, i was curious to know how would the apple watch compete with rival brands. As an apple loyalist for many years, i was rooting for them but i know how things have a tendency to let you down.

Right away i could tell there is a much larger functionality on the watch itself. I found myself barely looking at my phone while i was outside and i could do a variety of tasks on the watch itself while it was paired with the phone. I could send and receive messages, answer calls, read emails and even book a cab. The new improved Siri somehow responds better on the watch compared to the iPhone. wonder how that works but i found that Siri was able to pick up voice cues with incredible accuracy which is something i cannot say about the iPhone or the iPad.

It is light in weight and even with a case and a screen guard, it weights much less that a bulky Garmin which occupies most of your wrist and becomes a pain to wear on those long runs. With Garmin, my biggest beef was that the app was ridiculously slow and cumbersome. Getting it synced was a nightmare and the app would often forget all data synced previously. So you’re stuck with today’s data only. Also, that even though it was called a “smartwatch”, it barely had any features. You could get notifications but barely do anything about them. While on the run screen, you cannot switch back to any other screen unless you end your session. Although to be fair, it had an incredible battery life.

With the Fitbit, the app was good and i liked the challenges you could compete in with your friends but the band offered very little apart from that. I would’ve liked a few more features for that kind of a price but it was a let down. Yet, it still remains everyone’s entry level fitness band.

Another rival brand which is rapidly gaining popularity in the fitness world is TomTom. Now their biggest asset is their ability to store music and a decent enough battery life. The features are still limited and offer little else apart from tracking your runs etc.

The Apple watch adds to the functionality of a Garmin, the music capability of a TomTom and the seamless syncing of a Fitbit and makes it even better. The watch is incredibly useful and offers a ton of third party support as well. I have downloaded all of runtastic’s fitness apps and i now have all my workouts on my wrist. I have synced music on my watch and i get about 10 hours of music and tracking. And all my data gets synced in the blink of an eye and i am a fan of the fitness rings and i strive to get all of them closed every day. which isn’t always easy.

Coming to the cons, i’m afraid there are some. The battery life isnt great but if you are really careful with your use, you can get about 3 days. I personally have it on airplane mode all day when im home. That way it tracks my movements but doesn’t use up a lot of battery. at night i switch to power saver mode with barely uses any battery at all and still gives you the functionality of a watch. When i step out, i have my phone and my watch synced and i am glad i am not one of those people who have their faces constantly buried inside their phones. I can do pretty much everything i need to do right from my wrist.

Another con is that once you sync your phone and your watch or when your watch connects to wifi, you download all of the day’s messages on to your watch. Even the ones you read and discarded. If a message is on your watch, it stays on your watch and you have to delete it from the watch. Deleting a message or an email on your phone does not delete the message from your watch. And that becomes a bit annoying. I personally get a lot of spam texts from restaurants, real estate agents etc and deleting them twice, once on my phone and then on my watch is a pain. And there is no option to delete multiple messages at once. So you have to deal with them one by one.

Apart from that, it dont really see anything else that bothers me. I love the apps, i like the feel of the OS and the responsiveness has improved greatly over the previous generations. And while other brands cost a lot more and offer a lot less, i feel that this is worthy of it’s price tag.

My verdict : Definitely the right purchase if you’re looking to a wearable for workouts, runs etc. and for daily use as well.