Episode 33 : English Premier League Gameweek 11 review (The Two Bros’ Podcast)

What a landmark game week it turned out to be as fans returned to the stadiums once again after…well, you know what. Some big winners this week with Manchester City recording a comfortable win and characteristically Manchester United acting like Jekyll and Hyde again. Spurs find themselves at the top of the table after a convincing win against Arsenal where things are far from ideal at the moment. Liverpool getting back to their routine of dismantling teams making Anfield now an impenetrable fortress. Jamie Vardy completely destroying the corner flag after scoring in basically the last play of the game. Shawn Michaels would be so proud.

And the Champions League, could it be the last Messi vs Ronaldo face-off? Can Manchester United come out victorious away at Leipzig? And what about Inter Milan? And Real Madrid? So much going on! And it all starts later tonight.

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Home grown tomato plant

I’m always surprised when I visit people’s houses (pre-pandemic) and I see a large collection of store bought plants. They are usually contained in pots of all sizes, some hanging, some small, some large and mostly made of clay. Trouble with these is that once you move, you’re almost always certain that these pots will break. Secondly you don’t really need to spend a fortune on getting household plants.

For this plant here, I purchased soil from amazon and that’s it. The container I used formerly housed ready to eat cup noodles. The tomato seeds were obtained from a tomato I used for cooking. And that’s it. I’ve made it a point to not discard such plastic containers after a single use. They will end up in a landfill somewhere or worse, in the oceans. It takes a few weeks but just look at how beautiful it looks. And the smell, freshly sprayed leaves, they just tingle all your senses.

In a few weeks I might have to transfer it to a different plastic container but I have those too. I end up donating these plants to my friends because someone needs to look after them when I’m sailing.

But what a sight. I have sown 23 such plants recently. I got hold of some seeds from amazon which cost me ₹500. I kinda got tired of growing only apples, lemons and tomatoes. So I got some flowering plants, some veggies and I planted everything in whatever plastic container I could find. In a few weeks I should have a blossoming garden in my balcony.

The next time you’re getting rid of a plastic container, maybe stop and think for a second if this can be reused somewhere.

I’m off social media

After a series of events, a bunch of research, a plethora of podcasts and some personal struggles, I am off social media. It’s something I was always leaning towards doing in the future but I figured no time like the present. Life is a lot simpler and I feel mr anxiety levels have dropped significantly. Funny how a few years ago, I would’ve never used the word anxiety for myself.

I spend more time outdoors and my schedule has freed up. I was averaging almost 20 hours a week on social media. Not only have i deleted the apps, I have deleted my accounts as well.

I had recorded a podcast episode recently where I covered all this so I won’t go into a lot of detail.

Went out for a walk this evening and caught some pictures and I’ve decided I’ll start sharing my work here on my terms rather than have some algorithm on Instagram sway my decision.

Give it a try. Freedom is priceless.

The same me

I sat at the corner of the bed. I looked below at my hands and feet. A familiar sight. But everything around me was different. The carpeted floor had given way to a hardwood floor. The loud rumbling of the engine had given way to the loud DJ playing at a distance at a wedding party. The gentle roll and swing had given way to rigid grounded stability. Years have gone past. These same hands. These same feet. Yet everything around me changes constantly. The same me. The same me returning to a bed alone. The same me at a different time. The same me at a different place. The same me everyday.

Cycling > Running

I fixed up my old flatmate’s bicycle and set out pedalling hoping to get back to some semblance of fitness. Eventual goal was to get back to running without getting injured. I’ve been cycling for a while now and I’m slowly expanding my range. I’m a bit nervous about setting out on the main roads because they’re a bit unsafe. People in India just don’t give a damn. You’ll find people driving on the wrong side on a high beam. You’ll find people taking sharp turns without using the indicators. The weather is a bit nicer these days so I push myself further and faster.

I took a route today that I know is scenic because I’ve been there a bunch of times while driving. What I really wanted was speed. It has become an obsession. I drive a cheap ₹6,000 city bicycle which has no gears. I’ve been pushing it to see how fast it would go. My previous best was 24.0 kmph on a flat track. Today I went up this road knowing it has some fantastic declines. I hit 29.1 kmph today. It felt fantastic. I’ve been contemplating an upgrade since technically I didn’t spend anything on this cycle.

The last time I cycled properly was when I was in school. I’ve been active in the recent past but it’s only been running and some sports like football and squash. Cycling has been amazing for me. In the early days when my legs were still behaving like jelly, I set out exploring the area around my apartment complex and found so many interesting places. Like a drive-in theatre right behind us. I didn’t know those were still a thing. Slowly but surely, I started pushing my boundaries and started setting times. The furthest I’ve gone in a single stretch is 25 kms in an hour and 4 mins.

I remember how I would feel after a long run. Like I’m dying and my lungs are on fire. I don’t get that at all while I’m cycling. I do get my heart rate up and I do feel a burn in my legs but I can still function when I’m done. Like for instance, this track that I took today was brutal. But I came back and I’m still good. I like the outdoors, I like the wind in my hair and I like that fact that it doesn’t feel like I’m dying. It is far more enjoyable. And being in the city, the roads are quite good for an enjoyable ride.

As winter sets in, maybe I’ll cycle less and focus more on running. But let’s see. So far, I’m loving it. Cycling feels way better than running.

“The Social Dilemma” on The Two Bros’ podcast

Smita and I discuss the documentary titled “The Social Dilemma” and the dangers of addiction to social media. We also discuss how these giant corporations run algorithms to manipulate us into using their products longer. We talk about our impressions of the documentary and how it applied to our lives and the corrective actions we took to limit our exposure to these dangers.

The Social Dilemma can be found on Netflix here : https://www.netflix.com/watch/81254224?trackId=13752289&tctx=0%2C0%2C3b66462f64f9db977179948ef467e9778862b116%3A39e55c85141e9c5c6db4343e875f198a2bf7c5cd%2C3b66462f64f9db977179948ef467e9778862b116%3A39e55c85141e9c5c6db4343e875f198a2bf7c5cd%2C%2C

Minimalism, the documentary can be found here : https://www.netflix.com/watch/80114460?trackId=13752289&tctx=0%2C0%2C265e3913ab552e18ac97c844eaa84f259c5a81c0%3A6dddad26844e9919706f7ac7c00bb2101e205c15%2C265e3913ab552e18ac97c844eaa84f259c5a81c0%3A6dddad26844e9919706f7ac7c00bb2101e205c15%2Cunknown%2C

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Following your heart in work and careers : Episode 22 of The Two Bros’ Podcast

I am joined with a fellow seafarer to discuss his journey from being at sea to setting up his own trekking company in India. We discuss the importance of following your heart and breaking that inertia that keeps us in the same comfort bubble.

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The Two Bros’ Podcast : 3 pillars of fitness (Episode 19)

We discuss cardio vascular fitness as the first pillar of fitness in a new series that we have started on the Two Bros podcast. No bullshit, no confusing jargon. Just tried and tested stuff from two regular guys.

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