Why talk?

Why do we have to talk and ruin things? Why not just sit here in silence and let the world mind it’s own business? Why not let me look into your eyes and watch the flames dance in their infinite depth, penetrating each layer of mischief? Why not live in the moment till the point where the funny becomes unfunny and the dark stormy clouds of seriousness take over us and we let the gravity of this moment sink in? Why not let me look at your face and not be worried about etiquettes and being awkward? Why not seize this moment that has presented itself to us out of other infinite possibilities? Why not let me show you what can happen if you grant me access to your heart?

My dear, if you let me, this moment could be something else entirely. Why then, ruin it by talking?


3:33 AM. I can’t sleep. I lie awake. It’s been hours. That star hasn’t moved at all. I move the blinds and there it is. But this can’t be my reality. I must be fast asleep. I can’t tell the difference anymore.

I jolt myself and I find myself sitting at one of the ship’s computers. I have accidentally deleted the ship’s hard drive. I stare in shock. No one has seen me. Text appears on the screen saying “what have you done?”

I jolt again and I find myself looking at someone getting robbed. I can’t see any faces. Just neon red eyes and black masks. They finish mugging and look at me. They look at me, laugh and walk away. I have nothing to offer.

I jolt again and I’m driving my car. Sitting next to me is an attractive girl but she wouldn’t stop talking. Why won’t she stop talking? I don’t know what she’s saying. I can’t be bothered. It’ll be better if I drive into a tree instead. I pick a tree and pick up the pace. Foot hard down on the throttle. She finally stopped talking.

I jolt right before impact and I’m alone in the world. I missed the last spaceship out of the planet. Everyone has left. I’m the only one left behind in the cloud of white smoke. It’s a blizzard of white. Everywhere you see. But I don’t feel lonely. I prefer it actually. I always wanted a place of my own.

I jolt again and I’m wide awake. I can’t sleep. I move the blinds but the star has gone.

3:34 AM. It’s going to be a long night.